Progress Interview with Ranger / Coordinator Brendon Moodie Oct 10th Day 2

Day 7

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Our Tower is erected and the components are being fitted as this is being written. We hope to be Broadcasting from the new tower by the end of November.

New Antennae for TygaFM

It is with great joy that we can announce that our new Antennae will soon be erected at our allocated site on Peppermint Hill. This will increase our broadcast range to reach further up the Derwent Valley areas that have not been able to receive us. The components are in close proximity to New Norfolk and we are only waiting for the final word from DV Council for construction to proceed.


On December 1st 2020 at 6.06pm TygaFM went off-air from transmitting from the New Norfolk Golf Club roof. Our thanks for the Golf Club for allowing us to use their roof for these past 8 years. Our first location was the Council Chamber Roof. So many people and businesses have been a continued support for TygafM, we really appreciate it.

Our AMAZING Tech team made up of Jim Parish and Roz Chapman then proceeded to remove our transmitting equipment from the Golf Club to our new tower located at Peppermint Hill.

The last step was for Jim to reposition the Yagi located at the New Norfolk High School to align the signal to the new tower (Jim pictured).

At 7.28pm the equipment was turned on and the TygaFM studios were live once again, Peter Sweetlove on the panel (listen to audio below of the event) , but this time from Peppermint Hill. The signal is now 300watts in power which is twice the output we could achieve from the Golf Club.

We are now in process of researching our coverage to areas previously not reached by our signal, places like Collinsvale, Molesworth, Ouse, Hamilton, Bothwell.

We have not finished yet!! We are approved by ACMA to broadcast at 1000watts, so our next goal is to get a new transmitter of that rating. Watch this space.

Congratulations to all of our VOLUNTEERS and Supporters that have made it possible for YOUR Community station TygaFM 98.9 to give you this service

Welcome aboard Bruce Lamb

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Bruce’s new show is on Friday from 9am to 11am.   It is great to have another presenter on air, and it is fantastic that the morning timeslots are filling up fast.   Bruce will be playing baby boomer music from the 60’s to the 70’s.

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Social Meeting

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A sausage sizzle was held for all volunteers of TYGA FM.   It was a nice  sunny day and a day for presenters to get to know each other.

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Message from TYGA FM

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Have a happy and safe Christmas and look to seeing you all in the New Year

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Welcome Aboard to our new presenters

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TYGA FM would like to announce that two new presenters have started their shows.   Ross B Rock and Russo play rock and alternative music on Wednesdays 10pm to midnight.   Patch will do the breakfast show on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 6am to 9am.

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Annual General Meeting

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It was that time again for the Annual General Meeting.   Congratulations Steve “Slabs” Halloran who has been returned as President, Theron Russell as Vice president, Mark Corlett as Secretary, Rozzie Chapman as Station Operations Manager, and Katrina Higgins as Public Officer.   We would also like to introduce Cheryl McIntosh as our new Treasurer, replacing Heidi Ling who has done a stellar job in the last couple of years. However, the position of Sponsorship Manager is still open…

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Happy birthday TYGA!

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TYGA FM turns three. It is amazing how quick three years has passed. And it is fantastic to see how many presenters and sponsors have come onboard.

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Vale: Ross Nicholson

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It is with sadness we have to report that the co-founder and brainchild of TYGA-FM, Ross ‘Roscoe’ Nicholson has passed away from Leukemia on the early hours of this morning. It is true to say that without his enthusiasm and his vision, TYGA-FM would be be here at all. He will be sorely missed.

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Congratulations for TYGA FM

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Congratulations for TYGA FM TYGA FM are Community Broadcasting Association of Australia awards finalists in the following categories: Best New Radio Program (Music): Soundscapes; Contribution to Indigenous Broadcasting: Cardi Cardi; Outstanding Small Station Award: TYGA FM

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