Photo of Corumbene Radio Hour + 30
Corumbene Radio Hour + 30 09:00 – 10:30
As part of Tyga FM’s Mission to reach all the community, we are partnering with the staff of Corumbene to play the music that Corumbene residents rarely hear on radio – the music they grew up with.  It is our desire to bring to Tyga FM the hearts and loves of the Corumbene community in music.   Week by week, each “street” in Corumbene will give us their requests and we will hopefully be able to fulfill most, if not all of them.

In memory of our Presenters have been or are Residents of Corumbene, John Crowle & Madge Lathey, Ian Gordon & Lyn Ball.

The show is Produced in the studios of TygaFM by Bruce Lamb.

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